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Carley Foundry has the capabilities, the knowledge and the drive to deliver premium quality castings and contract manufacturing services for a variety of different markets.  Carley Foundry is well-equipped to handle projects of nearly any size and has expertise in casting and the manufacturing of products that may not fit the usual mold.
Carley Foundry, Inc. is always willing to engage potential clients, from any industry, with a casting and / or contract manufacturing need.


Carley Foundry’s multi-faceted casting processes are an advantage in the Aerospace market.  From low weight aluminum, sand cast and perm mold cast alloys to high strength investment cast stainless steel; Carley Foundry casts the alloy to meet your engineering requirements.  Carley Foundry's AS9100 certification and NADCAP certification of our in house Heat treat, NDT, Welding and Metallurgical lab makes us the right choice for your next Aerospace casting need.


Carley Foundry supports our national defense systems and homeland security through the production of numerous parts for munitions and military equipment.  We cast a broad range of products: parts as small as a trigger to as large as a radar super structure.  With the support of our Engineering Department using state of the art tools, such as computed solidification modeling, Carley Foundry can help you design and produce the best weapons, for the best military in the world.

Recreational Vehicle

  • Motorcycle

Carley Foundry manufactures a wide range of parts for the Recreational Vehicle market.  From raw castings to assembly ready parts that have been machined and painted, we can meet your needs.  Carley Foundry produces cast parts for all aspects of the Recreational Vehicle including drivetrain parts such as crank case housings, structural parts such as swing-arms and control parts such as wheel hubs and handlebars.  


  • PET scanner

The modern medical field is reaching new heights of complexity.  Carley Foundry is here to support your engineering design that will continue to take the modern medical field to new levels of ability.  From operating room Stainless steel to aluminum frames and structures, Carley Foundry is here to cast the foundation that will assist in developing your next successful medical product. 


  • Transmission

For over 50 years Carley Foundry has been supporting the commercial market.  From on the road trucks to construction and manufacturing equipment Carley Foundry is here to produce your design.  Carley Foundry produces cast parts for all aspects of the Commercial Equipment market including drive train parts like Diesel and Hybrid Power transmission housings, Industrial equipment, such as blowers and hazards material handling devices, and construction with engine parts for earth moving equipment.


  • Turbine

Carley Foundry manufactures numerous parts for the current and emerging energy markets.  From modern gas turbine fuel nozzle parts to down hole safety products, it is our goal to produce products that help our customers safely break new ground in the evolving energy markets.


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