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Embracing 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Technology

July 25, 2019

(3D-printed sand core for production of castings)


Carley Foundry has been utilizing 3D printing/additive manufacturing for approximately the past decade, with expanded usage in the past four years. This flourishing technology results in faster prototype castings and more complex - yet accurate - ways of producing complicated parts.

From the start of its utilization at CFI, additive manufacturing has already been applied countless times for the purposes of complexly-printed sand cores and complete sand molds for both prototyping and production needs. Additionally, these technologies assist with printing patterns for customer-requested investment or sand castings and for in-house use components. Moreover, 3D printing/additive manufacturiong allows for real-life visuals of reference samples, allowing our engineers to more easily assess the degree of difficulty in mold assembly and cleaning and gauging core assemblies. Reference samples may also be used to determine if core assembly fixtures are needed.

The 3D printing/additive manufacturing toolset now being used at Carley Foundry - coupled with the strong use of casting process simulation - enables us to serve a diversified customer base in a world class manner.

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