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Green Sand Molding


  • Green Sand Molder

Green Sand is a term for molding sand that is bonded together with clay and moisture. The sand is compacted, or squeezed into a shape around a pattern. After compacting, the mold halves are split and the pattern is removed. If an undercut condition is required, a variety of core materials may be placed in the mold. After the mold is closed, the metal is poured in and after the metal is solidified, the casting is removed from the mold. The castings are then sent on for trimming and cleaning.

Green Sand remains a very desirable method for many casting configurations. We offer every option from loose floor molding for the larger castings, to an automatic molding line for your high volume needs.


  • Flasked and flaskless manual molding for detailed castings
  • Mold sizes from 10" (smallest dimension) to 50" (largest dimension)
  • Pour weights from several pounds to 500 lbs.
  • All common engineering alloys.

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