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Rapid Prototyping


When a customer has a new casting design, Carley Foundry can quickly and accurately turn that part from drawing into reality with nothing more than an approved CAD model. Our 3D printing experience in sand and plastic gaurantee we have what it takes to get the job done.

Your file is converted to a three-dimensional STL file uploaded into a rapid prototype machine. The rapid prototype machine uses the file to create a 3D pattern. The specific machine and material used is chosen to best suit the product's design and the intended casting method. The 3D pattern is then processed in a similar manner to any other investment or sand casting.

The Rapid Proto-type process for ferrous or non-ferrous casting can be accomplished quickly, depending on the casting complexity. Our protyping has a well earned reputation for delivery and quality: even the most complex designs can be prototyped with great dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties.

Email our sales department to get your prototype started: Kevin.Stensrud@CarleyFoundry.com or Connie.Schnerk@CarleyFoundry.com.


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